• A foreigner qualifies to apply for a residence permit if he or she has been permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a total of at least 3 years up until the date of application.
  • A foreigner whose purpose of stay in Thailand is for:

    • business or employment purpose
    • investment purpose
    • experts or academician purpose
    • supporting a family who are Thai citizens
    • the dependent of a husband or father who is a Thai citizen
    • accompanying a husband, father, or son/daughter who already has a residence permit
  • Foreign investors who invest in a private/public company, purchase condominium, purchase government bonds or state enterprise bonds, deposit in one or more Thai banks, and other investments in accordance with the specification of the Immigration Commission for the sum of not less than 10 million Baht.
  • Foreign investors who made direct investment (over 10 Million Baht) or indirect investment.
  • Foreign Experts.
  • Thai Nationals who have changed their citizenship.

Application for a Residence Permit

  • The opening date for applications in each year varies, depending on an announcement by the Minister of Interior. Once the announcement has been issued, applications may be submitted up to and including the last working day of the year.
  • For details concerning the opening date for applications contact either Section 1, Immigration Division 1, Sub-Division 1, Immigration Bureau (room 301), Soi Suan Plu, Bangkok, Tel. 662 287-3117 or the Immigration Office of each region, depending on the location of the applicant’s domicile in Thailand.
  • An application should contain a detailed explanation of the true and exact reasons of why the applicant is requesting a residence permit. This is for the applicant's own benefit, as such information will assist the relevant officials to make a more rapid decision. In addition, a number of documents need to be included with each application, in accordance with the category (discussed above) under which the application is submitted.
  • Once the opening date for applications has been announced, applications can be submitted, together with the necessary documents, at Section 1, Sub-Division 1, Immigration Division 1, Immigration Bureau (Room 301), Soi Suan Plu, off South Sathorn road, Sathorn District, Bangkok, or at the Immigration Office for the region of Thailand in which the applicant is residing.
  • The applicant must apply in person as the Immigration Bureau will require a set of fingerprints for the purpose of checking for criminal record.
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