Below are some of the questions frequently asked by our foreign clients. For the answers to any of the questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • How is the Thai legal system similar or different than those in the west?
  • Can a foreigner set up a corporation without any Thai partners to conduct business?
  • As a foreigner, what happens to my shares in a Thai limited company upon my death?
  • Can foreign / offshore companies do business in Thailand?
  • If a branch office of a foreign company is registered in Thailand, is it obligated to file tax returns in Thailand and is its income subject to any tax?
  • Is a foreigner subject to the same tax system as the Thais?
  • How easy or difficult is it to send money out of Thailand?
  • Please explain in more detail the anti-nominee provisions under Thai law.
  • Can foreigners have their names entered into a blue House Registration Booklet?
  • Can land be pledged/mortgaged/sold with right of redemption to a foreigner as collateral for a loan?
  • Is there now a standard condominium sale and purchase agreement prescribed by law? What if the developer insists on using its own standard agreement?
  • What is a "one year visa"?
  • Can foreigners work as real estate agents / brokers in Thailand?
  • Once a foreigner becomes a permanent resident, is the foreigner allowed to own land?
  • What tax am I subject to for selling the shares in my property holding company?
  • Who is responsible to pay the Land Office's transfer fees, taxes, etc., the seller or the purchaser?
  • What is the 1% corporate income tax (withholding) payable at the Land Office?
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